BMB Plowmate , Cultmate and Hoemate (Wingnut Hall )

Its easy to distinguish between the 3 models when they are lined up together, but sometimes not so easy when you see a photo of one on its own. The Hoemate is easiest to distinguish because of its size. The Plowmate is started at its front , right hand side location , while the Cultmate is started from its front left hand side location.


The BMB plowmate was the largest of 3 different size pedestrian tractors built by British Motor Boats who started importing American built machines during the 1930,s. The plowmate has a 2 foward and reverse gearbox and is powered by a JAP model 5 engine or a Briggs&Stratton ZZ engine both of around 6hp.


The BMB Cultmate was the mid-range garden tractor produced by British Motor Boats, who were importing American Simplicity garden tractors before the war. Due to short supply of parts during the war years, they started making their own machines. The Cultmate has a BSA 3½ single-cylinder engine, a flat belt drive, with lever-operated tensioner acting as a clutch to the single-speed gearbox. Ratchet hubs made turning easier. As with many of these small horticultural tractors, many different implements were made.


Smallest of the BMB walk behind tractors, the Hoemate has a 2 stroke engine made by Brockhouse of around 1.5hp, it has a single foward speed and ratchet hubs to aid cornering. a flat belt when tensioned provides the drive from the engine to the wheels. like the other BMB tractors it could be fitted with many implements

From 1947 machinery show.