British Anzani 4 Wheeler

4 Wheeler Anzani

From my research so far, I understand that British Anzani never did make a 4 wheel version of the Iron Horse, but a number of units were created afterwards by creative users. I welcome any further information you may have on any 4 wheel version, particularly the challenges anyone experienced in doing such a “conversion “

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Here , Barry Barrington displays one of his prized tractors. The bottom photo shows Mike Pollard ( Orange Overalls) taking the same tractor for a spin. (Tractor bonnet fitted )

Here is a good photo of Barry Barrington’s tractor (Apr 2020) as he strips it down for a rebuild.

The main challenges in modifying a regular 2 wheel Iron Horse into a 4 wheeler are:

  • Adding front axle and wheels
  • Extending / elongating the chassis
  • Adding steering wheel , steering box and linkages
  • Adding a seat
  • Providing a method of back wheel differential / Dog Clutch Disengagement
  • Braking
  • Rear Wheel Mudguards

Here is the one Justin Graham built around 2016. The front axle and steering are from a 1 ton dumper. It was sold on to a new home in Northern Ireland in 2019.

Three of them with trailed ploughs in action. From Banbury Ploughing 2015. See more infor here.

Some more pics , from forum in 2011…more info here …..