Waiting for Rescue

Here we have a collection of Vintage Pedestrian Tractors in need of some TLC. If you have rescued any of these, I would love to hear about it and It would be interesting to learn of what has happened the tractor since. It would be great to get some more information and photos so that its story can be shared here. Seeing all these photo may help some of us to understand better the various models and options that were made, In some cases, these vintage tractors that will require a lot of time , effort and expense to bring back to life are often offered for sale at unrealistic prices, so it may be some time before they get into deserving hands.

Of course if anyone would prefer any information , photo , or video of their tractor which is on here to be removed, we will be happy to that also.

On offer on Done Deal , from Cork , April 2020. Asking € 850 , but realistic value is about € 100 – 150 ! On Iron Wheels, no Magneto, exhaust or cover.

Looks like 4 Trusty and attachments on sale as a job lot April 2020. All Trusty Tractors. Good compression and spark. All the implements included in asking price. Spare engine and parts. These tractors never give any trouble. They were used for ploughing in the county and All-Ireland championships for 10 years, winning many trophies. Collection only. Meelick, Co. Clare.

This one on Ebay April 2020 , Northampton , asking £ 400. Has twin wheels, an interesting looking exhaust, potato lifter and tool carrier, as well as part of a plough (just lower portion ? )…….just needs a starting handle !

This one was for sale on eBay in Jan 2020 . Cleated Steel wheels with extension wheels , includes plough

This one has been on eBay 2019 / 2020 On Cleated Steel wheels , complete with plough and spring tine harrow.

On sale on eBay , 2019, on Cleated steel wheels with doubles. No Plough.

Looks like it was well cared for…..just missing a hood.

Was on eBay Sept 2019. On original spade lug wheels

A pair of BMB’s on offer in Sept 2019. One on steel wheels with a JAP Engine while the other has rubber wheels with a B&S Engine. Both have ploughs.

Spotted in classifieds in magazine in Dec 2019

On Offer from JD Farrow Dec 2019…spade lug wheels, complete with plough

On Kevin Castle’s FB page Jan 2020…a couple of Anzani’s here.

Of Karl Von Richfoden’s FB Page Jan 2020

On Ethan Castle’s FB Page 2020

On Justin Graham’s FB Page Feb 2020…….hopefully it looks a bit better when pulled out of there.

On Garrick Royle’s FB Page Sept 2019 ” Just picked this one up! Shouldn’t take much to get going! Mag looks a little ropey but should go! Plan to make it into a tractor! “

Good Luck !

Another one spotted by Garrick Royle ,with optimistic price tag. From his FB Page Jan 2020

This one was up for grabs in Feb 2020. Spade lug wheels + plough as well as tool carrier. In need of a Magneto and some TLC