British Anzani Wheels

Iron wheels with spade lugs

Earlier units were fitted with these spade lug wheels. The wheels are 30″ diameter and 4″ wide and are each fitted with 24 spade lugs.

These spade lugs are individually bolted onto the wheel’s rim.

In time, the spade lug wheels were replaced with wheels having welded-on cleats.These , it was claimed gave up to 30% better grip. For a time, spade lug wheels remained available, but on special order only. As a service to their customers, British Anzani offered to convert all existing lugged wheels to cleated wheels, provided they be sent to the company’s works, an offer which was accepted by many owners.

Steel wheel bands were also available to fit to these Cleated wheels for road use. As can be seen here in the photo these steel rings were secured onto the wheel rim with four bolts and nuts. These optional Road Bands could be purchased for an additional £ 3 / 10 s

Optional Extension rings could also be fitted to both the steel wheels and the pneumatic wheels. (This needed to be specified when ordering ) In 1953 they cost £ 6

Pneumatic wheels on Gavav Duffy's machine

Pneumatic wheels were also available , but this added £ 10 to the purchase price. With pneumatic wheels fitted , the tractor is much easier to maneuver and is also more suitable for use on road and hard surfaces. The original size tyre fitted was 6 x 22 , but these have not been available for many years. Some alternate sizes àre now used as replacements and in some cases using alternate rims requires modification to the spokes of the wheel center.

The wheels are secured on square axles. By slackening the two bolts, the wheel assembly can be moved inwards or outwards to give the desired distance between both wheels. It will be necessary to jack the tractor up to take its weight to allow the wheels to be easily moved.

These are two different tyre tread patterns in use.