From the VHGMC Archives, , back in 2009 , here is a well documented rebuild by Phil Harding AKA ” Ritual” Some great pics here. Note also the new exhaust that was made. This tractor was in his family from new and was owned by his grandfather. This was was completed in 2006 and took about 4 months to complete.

” The only modification on it are the wheels (7.50 by 20 tyres, rims modified to fit). We even have the original exhaust but it is a bit delicate so it’s just sat on the shelf and the tractor has a stainless steel replacement. “

“If anyone is interested in the correct paint colour for the iron horse we had the paint matched and the cellulose code is 4-1486. If you can’t get hold of cellulose paint you can get Auburn Falls 4 Orange gloss from Homebase which is the same colour but it takes longer to dry (it seems to go well if you use red oxide as the undercoat). ”

By ” Howardman ” on Myoldmachine forum , 2014. ” Purchased this  in 2012 (eBay) and restored last winter/ spring . It was in poor condition and the engine was shot replaced original engine with one of same type ..a jap 5  with heavy flywheel and wipac mag. It was a nightmare to move on metal wheels so later type wheels fitted on those hard to get 600x 22 tyres  . It  was made in 1946. “