A few enthusiasts with Vintage pedestrian tractors, believed that the best way of showing and keeping these machines was to put them to work…….and so they started ploughing !! The NPA created a special class for Vintage Pedestrian Tractors , so now they regularly take part is some of the County Ploughing events , as well as the National Ploughing Championships each September.

It can be quite a challenge operating one on these machines, let alone trying to keep it going in a straight line or any other precise movements. Fortunately, everyone understands that it is quite an achievement to plough with one of these, so the actual ploughing produced is not taken too seriously. In fact, there is great camaraderie between fellow competitors and it is always a very enjoyable day.

I have received fantastic support and help from Richard and Gavan Duffy and Benny Usher in helping me get going……..everything from helping to get my machine running to loaning me some plough parts to explaining yet again how to do an open and close , not to mention that black sod ! No doubt , they’ll still have to tell me a few more times.

Gavin Duffy in action @ Kildare County Ploughing Feb 2020

The NPA have a special class for Vintage Pedestrian Tractors file:///C:/Vintage%20Plough/NPA/NPA-2019-2020-RULE-BOOK.pdf

Page 22 in NPA Rules file:///C:/Vintage%20Plough/NPA/NPA-2019-2020-RULE-BOOK.pdf

A special thanks to Mick Green, seen here ploughing at Dublin County Ploughing , March 2020. On his annual trip to Ireland, Mick usually comes over from the UK with a loaded van…….Tractors and parts. On his last trip, he has supplied me with some vital plough and engine parts. Mick has been of tremendous help to many of the Anzani owners here.

Mick Green Ploughing @ Dublin County Ploughing Mar 2020