Other Vintage Pedestrian Tractors


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From the Early Days

The first two wheel tractors were simply imagined as a direct replacement for the horse.

Pedestrian Tractor development around the world

In the early part of the 20th century, the pedestrian tractor development was dominated by America and Europe. At first, their main purpose was replacing the horse as the power unit on farms. With further engineering developments , including more powerful engines and hydraulics, , the four wheel tractor quickly replaced the pedestrian tractor, mid century for mainstream farming. However, the pedestrian tractor still continued to play a vital role on very small holdings and in horticulture and garden use. They do however still play a vital role in some less developed parts of the world.

Modern Two Wheel Tractors

In more recent years, manufacture of two wheel tractors has been dominated by the Far East. The modern machines are hi-tech, compact , powerful and very versatile in their range of applications. They have a host of varied attachments suitable for both front and rear mounting . They are widely used worldwide on small agricultural holdings, in horticulture and even at some international airports. Their compactness, agility and versatility guarantee their future.