In Transit

Here is a collection of photos, that I hope to build upon , showing how these Pedestrian tractors are transported. Complete with a plough fitted their overall length is over 8′. I tried to fit mine in an 8 x 5 Ivor Willams cattle trailer….it was easy to load with the full ramp , but was just a few inches too long preventing the ramp to close. It is much more difficult to load and unload ones with iron wheels and ideally the floor of the trailer should be low and the ramps sufficiently long so that the slope is gentle. On one of my first attempts , on a wet day , trying to load on too steep a ramp, my tractor toppled over on its side. These tractors with plough are about 8 cwt heavy so you need to be careful.

Mick Green uses his Sprinter van to transport his Anzani and has a great set up, with a remotely controlled electric winch fitted to the front floor of the van. He hooks it up and lets the winch do the work, pulling it up safely into the van.

I welcome any photos you have of your tractor being loaded or on your transport method.