Gravely Resources

Gravely Tractor Club of America : A valuable Resource for Gravely owners.

Gravely Manuals An extensive range of Gravely manuals, compiled by Chip Old in 2003

Below are a number of active Facebook pages dedicated to everything Gravely Tractors.

FB Gravely Watch This group is to help out fellow Gravely buddies — find tractors,attachments and parts for sale or trade.

FB Gravely Tractor Club of America GTCOA is an independent, not for profit 501(c)(7) membership association of Gravely enthusiasts whose mission is to
enhance the Gravely experience for our members by providing services, support, information and activities that
promote camaraderie and encourage social awareness and responsibility.

FB Gravely Tractor Collectors Gravely Tractor group set up to share pictures and stories about all Gravely equipment young and old.

FB I Love my Gravely 2 Wheel Tractor Gravely tractors are wonder machines Keep posts/threads on Gravely Two Wheel Tractors.

FB Gravely 2 and 4 Wheel Re Power Tractors Gravely RE Power Info on re powering Gravely Tractors Pictures of your re power