Fahr KT 10 D

The Fahr KT 10 D is equipped with a water-cooled single-cylinder 2-stroke diesel from Sachs (D 500W) with 10 HP and 500 ccm.


Oversight of Bungartz walk behind tractors — model U1, built from 1948 till 1954 by Bungartz in München, Germany

In 1910 Dr. Konrad von Meyenburg of Basel, Switzerland, applied for a patent for a “Machine for Mechanical Tillage” Patent Number 1,018,843 was granted on February 27, 1912. He then licensed his patent to Siemens-Schuckertwerke of Berlin, Germany. Siemens an electrical manufacturer built their first two-wheel tractor with rotovator Bodenfräse (rotovator or literally soil grinder) using an electric motorized two-wheel tractor and a long extension cord in 1911. The idea was quickly abandoned and Siemens began using two and four cycle single cylinder internal combustion engines to power their two-wheel tractors. Around 1932 Siemens sold off its cultivator division and focus on its electrical applications. Mr. Eberhard Bungartz of Munich, Germany, a trailer manufacturer, purchased the division in 1934 with all patents, parts, and machinery, and he went into production using the Bungartz name

See this comprehensive website by Michiel Hooijberg on the history of Bungartz tractors


1930 C. F. Holder and his Son present the first universally-applicable single-axle tractor. This revolutionary development is already fitted with many technical refinements. Details such as a single-wheeled brake, struts, the height and side of which can be adjusted, pulley as well as power take-off are brand new technologies. They permit a wide range of applications for the complete range of groundwork devices through to potato diggers and transport trailers. As a development for the future, this pioneering product is awards there DLG medal and can still be seen in the German Museum of Technology.


The company was founded by the businessman Erwin Mächtel and the engineer Otto Göhler in Ruchsen near Mockmuhl , but soon moved to an open area in Möckmühl.

Encouraged, in particular, by the needs of the farmers in the neighborhood, Agria gained a special reputation as a manufacturer of garden cutters, the production of which began in 1947. Known machine types in the 1950s and 1960s were the Agriette tillage and the Agria Baby unicycle cutter , also known as herb moped , with a modified NSU  engine – NSU Type 35 – with a displacement of 49 cm³, 2.5 HP and 3-speed gearshift.

Also , The dingle Axle  vehicles of the agria 2400 series were equipped with NSU engines , which was replaced in 1982 by the successor model, the agria 3400, which has been produced to date. 

Here is a pristine restored 1952 example of a 2400 model , complete with trailer.