Ploughing in Progress

IRELAND Video Clips


Meath Ploughig Match 2012

Ploughing Jan 2012


Meath Ploughing Match 2014


Meath Ploughing Match 2015 Video by Gavan Duffy


Leitrim Ploughing 2017

Leitrim Ploughing 2017 JJ Farrell, Richard Duffy, Gavan Duffy & Benny Usher competing at the 2017 Leitrim Ploughing Match. JJ Farrell, Richard Duffy, Gavan Duffy & Benny Usher competing at the 2017 Leitrim Ploughing Match. Video by Gavan Duffy

Meath Ploughing 2017 …Video by Gavan Duffy

Roscommon Ploughing 2017 Part 1 video by Gavan Duffy

Roscommon Ploughing 2017 part 2 Video by Gavan Duffy……


Carlow ploughing 2018 Carlow ploughing 2018 Video by Gavan Duffy.

Dublin Ploughing Match 2018

Dublin ploughing match 2018. Video by Gavan Duffy

Dublin ploughing 2018 part 2 Video by Gavan Duffy…

Kildare North west ploughing1…….Video by Gavan Duffy

Westmeath Ploughing 2018 part 1 Video by Gavan Duffy.

Westmeath ploughing 2018 Part 2 Video by Gavan Duffy.



Ironically, this photo appeared in the Farming section of the Irish Independent after the Offaly County Ploughing event in Jan 2020. It was my first day out and after she stopped dead just before we completed the opening, she was not for restarting, despite a lot of cranking attempts !!

However I did receive a very warm welcome from my fellow Vintage Pedestrian ploughers and every help trying to get her going again. I have since received so much help and encouragement from this group. Hopefully some more will also join in this activity over the coming years.

Then a similar situation for me on my second day out at Carlow County Ploughing in Feb 2020…….dead after the first run. We had a major downpour after the opening and only 3 of the 6 tractors present on the day managed to continue running.

UK Video Clips

1948 Trusty Series 3 JAP6 600cc Petrol Engine Tractor (10HP) Ploughing and hand crank start up WVTMS Warwick Vintage Tractor & Machinery Society – Ploughing Match Including a National

Video by Incredible Classic Tractors…see

Trusty Tractor ploughing, Brampton Plough Day 2010

Rob Cragie ploughing with his 1946 Trusty Tractor Mk6. This was taken at the Brampton Plough Day in Suffolk, September 2010.

English Ploughing Nationals 2018

English ploughing Nationals 2018. Video by Gavan Duffy

British Anzani Iron Horse. Seen At Denham Hospital Video by “Jump the gate” These Spade Lug Wheels spinning excessively….maybe plough disc could be set deeper.

1948 Anzani by Paul Bird…….

British Anzani Iron Horse Video by Gerry Bateman ………………..

Justin Graham Ploughing………………….


Other Videos

By Kurt Graversen…on Auto Pilot !